Thursday, August 13, 2009


So this summa i have gone to nyc 4 times. but this past weekend i went with my best friend. we stayed at her aunts house in the Bronx. We also got sum tickets to go and be part of the audience for the show 106 & park on BET. it was alot of fun except waiting in the line. we saw mario and Sean Garret perform. SG isnt cute but he sure did smell good. actually he smelled amazing. I touched mario and SG hand like 3 times lmfao. So i guess we had fun. Though My friend coudnt stop calling her boy friend. It got out of control and started to get annoying. idk how girls can live like that. then we got into sum huge argumment about how she IS way to obssessed with him and about how he has done so much shit to her. but basically she thought i was the bad guy and that i was jealous. wtf haha so that makes me question who my true friends are. another one bites the dust lmfao. then after the argument she goes and tells her boyfriend and makes me look like the bad guy. btw idgaf. Seriously in this world people need to be able to handle critizism. so towards the end of the trip it just got worse and all fucked up.

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