Friday, October 30, 2009

moving day

life been crazy, i been applying to alot of colleges. i wanna major in fashion design. though while all this has been going on i had to move. my mom just bought a new house so we had to move. everything has been crazy. I cant wait to leave shity mass. everything is gayy in this state including most of the guys. Im kinda excited cuz my birthday is in a month and i should be getting my car b4 the end of this year. yayyy

The extras

Im in love with this new jewelry by " The Extras" not that expensive. check it out

Love this ring

Earrings <3

Sunglasses <3


Friday, October 9, 2009

Supra Holiday 2009 Collection Pt. 2

Supra is back with a strong Holiday 2009 collection looking smart in a cooler-than-thou palette of blacks interjected with electric blue, red and sophisticated greys. So far, the models previewed for the Holiday drop includes, of course, the popular Skytop in both original Skytop and Skytop TUF. you may have seen a few of these models before (such as the Deathwish x Supra Thunder model we showed you yesterday), but most of the Diablo 1.5 and Suprano Hi colorways are brand spanking new. Fortunately, these models don’t appear to have suffered from a case of ‘quantity over quality’, as the muted red, black, and grey color schemes and use of suede make this collection a relatively strong one. You can take a look at the latest from Supra after the jump, as we prepare for the models to continue trickling into retailers as the season progresses. honestly i mean wtf. its true these kicks are hot n i think they are worth their price.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So this summa i have gone to nyc 4 times. but this past weekend i went with my best friend. we stayed at her aunts house in the Bronx. We also got sum tickets to go and be part of the audience for the show 106 & park on BET. it was alot of fun except waiting in the line. we saw mario and Sean Garret perform. SG isnt cute but he sure did smell good. actually he smelled amazing. I touched mario and SG hand like 3 times lmfao. So i guess we had fun. Though My friend coudnt stop calling her boy friend. It got out of control and started to get annoying. idk how girls can live like that. then we got into sum huge argumment about how she IS way to obssessed with him and about how he has done so much shit to her. but basically she thought i was the bad guy and that i was jealous. wtf haha so that makes me question who my true friends are. another one bites the dust lmfao. then after the argument she goes and tells her boyfriend and makes me look like the bad guy. btw idgaf. Seriously in this world people need to be able to handle critizism. so towards the end of the trip it just got worse and all fucked up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Johnny Cupcake

JOHNNY CUPCAKE!!! i love him and his clothes. So i'll be here you should go to.

i miss you blogspotters

Yea i been lost in my own world as usual. sorry. i went to spain. It was absolutly amazing. I think i may move there. seriously. its way better hen where im at, at the moment. Let me tell you the guys are sexyy. Some guy over there who was about 28 was hitting on me. I met him at the tattoo shop. he was fine, with blue eyes and everything. He also owns a club. Yess i know im 17 but hey he was great to talk to. and he was mature unlike the little boys over here who think they are thugs. i kinda wanna go to college there but uits to much of a hassel. but a soon as i can i will go back. did i tell you i got sick?? the group i went with, actually most of us were sick. it was horrible!! i actually stayed in bed for one day was i was there. but it was an awesome place.then from spain life has been hectic. i'm proud to say im slowly on my way to the top with my fashion line. but seriously be patient its alot of work. well i have these pics which i think are pretty cute, that i and my friend took of me. check em out and tell me what you think. puhhhhhhhhleeeeaaaasssseee!!! yes i said please.

Friday, January 30, 2009

wat up everyone
well havnt been here in while. life been alright i guess im going to barcelona spain on feb 12, which im mad excited. Im going for a week and i wont be here for valentines day. its just another hallmark holiday. Yea so at the moment i am slowly starting my clothing line,which will either be called "high fidelity" or "respect thy flyness". Yea i jus got to start working on the graphics with people. well i guess ill jus put a pic up of myself. lmfao

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hope yuh had a good New Year

I went to sleep at 5:30am, but I usually go to sleep that late

I hope all you bums drank, ate, and fucked responsibly. You don't want to tell yuh future kids how you concived them on new years while you were drunk. LOL

I feel like I have a hang over but the funny thing is I don't drink. How bout that

So let me tell you the 20 best things that happend this year.

1. Buying my lightning earrings( $52)
2. Wii
3. Lifeguarding
4. Getting stranded in boston ( priceless)
5. Every stupid moment with my best friend Ashlyn
6. Partys duh
7. Making fun of the drunk people LOL
8. Break upsand make ups but mostly me breaking up
9. Bon fire in my backyard
10. Attempting to skateboard and snowboard :)
11. Tattoo in my lip
12. But then it got faded
13. MOB clothing, supra kicks, and obey clothing
14. Sleepless nights
15. Sleeping til 5pm :( I got to stop that
16. Varsity sim team
17. New iPod touch
18. Not fighting this year ( Im getting better)
19. Johnny cupcake <3
20. Everytime I went shopping

Things I'm looking forward to in 2009

1. Going to Barcelona Spain