Thursday, August 19, 2010

KISS 10 guys to get over a broken heart!!

So my good friend and I both are both tired if dating so many guys and most of them just end up as an ex. So we came up with this amazing idea. Why dont we start thinking like a guy instead of thinking like a girl. because obviously thinking like a girl got us in the position we are in now. So its Aug 19. Summer eneds soon. The deal is we have to kiss 10 guys before summer ends. No strings attached. no emotional feeling just straight kissing or making out. I mean i have already kissed 4 guys this summer lmfaoo whats ten more? This i believe will get us over our good for nothing men in our life. Well thats my theory. So the countdown starts now.....RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

moving day

life been crazy, i been applying to alot of colleges. i wanna major in fashion design. though while all this has been going on i had to move. my mom just bought a new house so we had to move. everything has been crazy. I cant wait to leave shity mass. everything is gayy in this state including most of the guys. Im kinda excited cuz my birthday is in a month and i should be getting my car b4 the end of this year. yayyy

The extras

Im in love with this new jewelry by " The Extras" not that expensive. check it out

Love this ring

Earrings <3

Sunglasses <3


Friday, October 9, 2009

Supra Holiday 2009 Collection Pt. 2

Supra is back with a strong Holiday 2009 collection looking smart in a cooler-than-thou palette of blacks interjected with electric blue, red and sophisticated greys. So far, the models previewed for the Holiday drop includes, of course, the popular Skytop in both original Skytop and Skytop TUF. you may have seen a few of these models before (such as the Deathwish x Supra Thunder model we showed you yesterday), but most of the Diablo 1.5 and Suprano Hi colorways are brand spanking new. Fortunately, these models don’t appear to have suffered from a case of ‘quantity over quality’, as the muted red, black, and grey color schemes and use of suede make this collection a relatively strong one. You can take a look at the latest from Supra after the jump, as we prepare for the models to continue trickling into retailers as the season progresses. honestly i mean wtf. its true these kicks are hot n i think they are worth their price.