Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas :0

what up.
well merry christmas. On dec 24, me n my cousins stayed up till 4:30 in the morning. we dont know why but we did. then my aunt woke us up at 7am. uhh i know. but we opened presents. Then me and my cousins went back to sleep till 12pm. Later on the day we are going to our other aunts housend theres going to be a christmas party. I kinda miss my mom. She went to London. Well since im here let me tell you about my tattoo that i got two days ago on my lip. well it has know faded. what a waste of time. Well im going to get it fixed 2morrow. uhhg kinda pisses me off. well i got lots of money which means im going to go shopping this weekend in boston. Yeaa man. well pce out people and merry christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

the snow sucks

well i was snowed in the whole weekend. The only thing i went out for was to shovel, babysitt, and look for shovels. My aunt, cousin nd me went to three stores nd thee were no shovels. what kind of shit is that. lol. i was suppossed to get my lip tattoo on saturday but i couldn't. uhh. So since i had so much time on my hands i drew a bit n cut a new pair of jeans. of course. n i talked to my best friend which he is know mad at me. I watched plenty of videos on youtube n stuffed my face. but i found this cool pic of a lip tattoo. this isnt the one imma get. check it out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well to let yuh know I like em better than nikes. I mean come on people let's upgrade. they are fire. I have two pairs myself. They aren't that expensive but they can be, if yuh understand what i mean. Im from Boston so nobody really rocks them. People rock jordans, nd dunks. But of course im a misfit and i choose to rock these. As i have been recently told, that supras r old news in Cali but they r new over in Boston. Yup. You may have seen them but you just may have never noticed them. They were in the corona an lime video, in i rock by Kevein rudolf, and also Chris Brown has a few pairs of them. So all I'm saying is get like me n get em. Nuff sed

The Hot Spot

Well if yuh don't know, Karmaloop is kinda on fire at the moment. It is also my favorite store. You can find any street wear, or skater wear style at this place. it is located obviously the hottest street in Boston [ Newburey Street ]. Most people who don't live in Boston don't know about this place. Everything is so frech at this store. The vibe, the staff, and the coustmers all make this place hot. I most deff always copp something from this place and end over paying. haha. They have crazy brands like Supras, obey, MOB, Boxfresh, Cream, and plenty more. so check it out. on