Friday, March 27, 2009

Johnny Cupcake

JOHNNY CUPCAKE!!! i love him and his clothes. So i'll be here you should go to.

i miss you blogspotters

Yea i been lost in my own world as usual. sorry. i went to spain. It was absolutly amazing. I think i may move there. seriously. its way better hen where im at, at the moment. Let me tell you the guys are sexyy. Some guy over there who was about 28 was hitting on me. I met him at the tattoo shop. he was fine, with blue eyes and everything. He also owns a club. Yess i know im 17 but hey he was great to talk to. and he was mature unlike the little boys over here who think they are thugs. i kinda wanna go to college there but uits to much of a hassel. but a soon as i can i will go back. did i tell you i got sick?? the group i went with, actually most of us were sick. it was horrible!! i actually stayed in bed for one day was i was there. but it was an awesome place.then from spain life has been hectic. i'm proud to say im slowly on my way to the top with my fashion line. but seriously be patient its alot of work. well i have these pics which i think are pretty cute, that i and my friend took of me. check em out and tell me what you think. puhhhhhhhhleeeeaaaasssseee!!! yes i said please.